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Do not settle for an imitation get the real hardwood floors from Da Vinci Floors.

Call for details about our real environmental and sustainable flooring - THE RECYCLED FLOORING.

Hardwood floors in Hawaii

Includes : material, installation, sanding and staining.

Wood floors in hawaii

20 colors available

wood floors in hawaii

Do not settle for an imitation get the real hardwood floors

Color sample of hardwood floors hawaii, this is the floor that can be in your house

Stain color of hardwood floor in hawaii. Oak floor.

Ohia wood floor in hawaii, installed in your house in Kailua or honolulu.

Wood stain of hardwood floor hawaii

Best hardwood floors in Hawaii

Refinishing of hardwood floors in Hawaii

Dark hardwood floors Hawaii and Maui

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We offer excellent service and the best prices for hardwood floors Hawai.

Excellent wood floor service. You can view portfolio for photos of hardwood floors. We install refinish and provide any kind of hardwood floor : real wood,laminate, engineered, bamboo, unfinished and prefinished as well as wood stairs.

Hawaii Hardwood Floors
Da Vinci Floors is offering the finest service of hardwood floor installation and refinishing in Hawaii. If you have just came up with the idea to get new floor, if you like traditional, contemporary or Eco Friendly floors Da Vinci Floors will help you with any question you have, provide you with a free consultation and advise. We have been in the business for 12 years specializing in wood floors only. We are the experts in wood, we build stairs, sand , finish and stain. You will get a licensed contractor dedicated to do his job at the highest quality, an expert in hardwood floors installation and refinishing.

Da Vinci Floors will carefully go through the process of picking up the right hardwood floor, ordering it, installing, sanding, staining and finishing. Since the company is owner operated you will deal with the owner directly form the estimate to the completion of the project. We will make the whole experience of remodeling your house an easy and satisfying project.

Da Vinci Floors is serving the beautiful island of Oahu from Honolulu to North Shore, from Kailua to Ewa Beach. Weather you need unfinished, prefinished, engineered, floating, nail down, domestic or exotic floors we will install it for you; professionally, fast and for the best price, just call in Hawaii

We care about our planet and install Eco Friendly floors as well, you can choose form bamboo flooring, cork, and sustainable woods, just ask the Floor Expert about the environmental floors. Eco Friendly floors can be very affordable. You should visit the hardwood-floor-portfolio where you can see a lot of project I have made. From laminate flooring to high end renovation of real hardwood floors and stairs.You should visit the Eco friendly Eco friendly furniture this is a gallery with tables I have designed and build. Those are table %100 recycled and eco friendly. I have build one table from bamboo flooring , this was just the leftover wood that I have used. Second table I have build from plywood all pieces of plywood have been colected from the job sites. I am a stair builder and woodworker dedicated to my work. Call me anytime for Free Estimate here in Hawaii.

Unfinished or prefinished hardwood floors? Many people cannot decide what kind of hardwood floors to install in their house. When facing a choice of wood, people should decide whether they are interested in domestic floors such as: oak, cheery, maple, walnut or exotic Brazilian floors such as: cherry, bamboo, teak and many more. I can provide samples of hardwood floors. When picking the right style, color and price, make sure to take into consideration the hardness of the wood.

After you have chosen which species you like you have to decide from unfinished or prefinished hardwood floors.

The main difference between the unfinished and prefinished floors is sanding; unfinished floors need to be sanded and finished after being installed at your home. Prefinished floors on the hardwood-floors-san-francisco hand, are finished at the factory, so you do not need to deal with sanding, dust and long wait.

Unfinished wood floors are considered to be a top quality product in the flooring market. Unfinished wood can be installed with all kinds of design; boards can run in different directions and unfinished floors can have borders. You can have the medallion installed when you decide for unfinished floors. You can choose from different shines of the finishes, for example: satin is very popular and gives contemporary look to your house semi-gloss or high-gloss. Or you can choose water based finish, which is environmentally friendly and creates better air quality in you home. Lastly, oiled based finishes are widely used for hardwood floors and are considered little harder then water based. After the process of installation, sanding and finishing the floor will create a smooth look, the seams between the boards will be tight and most importantly there is not going to be a bevel of any kind on the seams. This is an important difference between unfinished and prefinished floors. Unfinished floors will not have a bevel so there is no place for dirt. If the unfinished floors are incorrectly installed or wood is exposed to extremely big difference of moisture and temperature, floor boards can shrink and expand which can ultimately create a gap between boards. Therefore, it is important to hire experienced and licensed hardwood floor contractor in San Francisco. Prefinished floors are fast to install and your floor contractor will not sand it at your house so if you live in the house while redoing hardwood floors this might be a better option. You can get eco friendly prefinished floor such as bamboo or cork. Remember you will be limited to linear design and there will be a bevel between the boards so if you get light wood you might have dirt collecting on the seams of the floor boards. Prefinished hardwood flooring have finish already on the boards, but make sure you are getting the floor that has hard finish. Aluminum oxide it very commonly used and is in most cases harder then the regular finish that your floor contractor will apply at home. Prefinished floors are usually more affordable and the selection is very wide; for example: there are exotic spices, boards come with the variety of colors and width, can be smooth or hand scraped.

Both unfinished and prefinished floors can be refinished in the future, but make sure you ask your hardwood floor installer how many times you can refinish the floor. In general, solid unfinished floors can be refinished 5 times. Prefinished floors come in a different thickness, some prefinished floors are very thin and there is not enough material to refinish. This is an important factor when deciding on the type because it is always good to be able to refinish hardwood floor. You might think it is expensive to go with unfinished floor but think that you can refinish it 5 times this gives you at least 20 years so if you save a little bit and go with prefinished floors you might end up replacing it in 5 years and if the floor you have chosen can not be refinished you will have to pay again for a new floor. Refinishing is of course more affordable than new floor.

Da Vinci Floors always has the best prices for hardwood flooring in Hawaii

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